Tatra Virtual Reality Museum
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Welcome to my Tatra VRML museum. Here you can find some VRML models of the vehicles of Tatra. All these vehicles exist(-ed) in reality and were produced by Tatra a.s., Czech Republic. But I'm sure you know that :)
If you are new to virtual reality, please proceed to a tutorial about running virtual reality on your computer.
Tatra 84 (1935)
24th nov 2010 - all-terrain military tractor Tatra 84.
model t84.wrl (120KB)
presentation scene scene84.wrl
Comparison with Tatra 85.
Tatra 85 (1937)
26th dec 2006 - all-terrain military tractor Tatra 85. During modelling I've found out, that the large case on the roof of the truck is designed for exactly two spare wheels to fit in. Also, the same applies for the box under truck's platform - it seems, the original vehicle was equipped with 4 spare wheels.
Note: this model uses automatically generated LOD's (level of detail), which are the cause of a larger wrl file on one hand, but improve 3D browser's performance a lot. LODs are generated using the QSlim library.
model t85.wrl (504KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver85.wrl
presentation scene scene85.wrl
Tatra 128 (1951)
27th july 2005 - all-terrain truck Tatra 128 - event though Tatra 128 was produced for two years only, she became very popular for her excelent terrain abilities, which are even better than T111's. The only problem is her weight over 6 tons - most of her parts were originally designed for a much heavier vehicle - the Tatra 111.
model t128.wrl (115KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver128.wrl
presentation scene scene128.wrl
Tatra 813 (1972)
6th june 2005 - Heavy weigth all-terrain truck Tatra 813 8x8 - very popular for her excelent terrain abilities, durability and reliability. Originally designed as military tractor. To see what she can do search the internet for "truck trial" photos.
model t813.wrl (140KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver813.wrl
presentation hall
Tatra 77 (1934)
23th december 2004 - The very first series produced aerodynamical car with rear mounted air cooled V8. The model comes with full interaction possibilities - she can open door, front and rear bonet or even give direction signals (just in front of the front door).
model t77.wrl (112KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver77.wrl
presentation hall
Tatra 30 (1929)
23th december 2004 - Tatra 30 can do the same fancy things like the Tatra 77 - open doors and bonet. Take a close look at the original Tatra chassis - air-cooled 4-cylinder engine, gearbox, central tube and diferential with swinging axles. Almost indestructible.
model t30.wrl (120KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver30.wrl
presentation hall
Tatra 603 Coupe (FICTION)
31st april 2004 - I've modified the standard T2-603 into a Tatra 2-603 coupe.
Warning - this is a FICTIOUS car; it has never been produced.
The original idea comes from Ondrej Ertl from Tatraklub Slovakia, who has done some pretty impressive photo-retouching on a standard T2-603. You can find the photos on the TAKS pages (a direct link is here).
model t603coupe.wrl (115KB)
screensaver scene
presentation hall
Tatra 23 (1926)
21st april 2004 - Tatra 23 (1926) is coming. Many thanks go to the folks at Tatra Klub web forums, who have sent me valuable information about this beautie. Still, she is in a beta stage, but even now can do some fancy animations. Check her out as usualy as a standalone model (38KB), in a presentation hall, and also in the updated large outdoor scene, which now includes all of the models available. Please note, that this scene requires a bit better hardware.
model t23.wrl (57KB)
screensaver scene
presentation hall hall23.wrl
Tatra 613 (1970)
26th february 2004 - T613 (93KB) has reached her final stage too. She now has interiour, engine, exhausts, windscreen wipers, and more. She can open doors (!) and both hoods. Check her out.
model t613.wrl (93KB)
screensaver scene
presentation hall hall613.wrl
Tatra 603 (1969)
18th february 2004 - T2-603 (115KB) has reached her final stage. She now has exhausts, windscreen wipers, antenne, rear view mirror on the front wing and special T603 emblems. Check her out.
model t603.wrl (115KB)
screensaver scene
presentation hall hall603.wrl
Tatra 24 (1926)
12th august 2003 - Do you still remember mid 20's Tatra trucks ? Here is one to remember - Tatra 24 (1926) with "bulldog" front. Along with her 2 axle sister, Tatra 23, she was the first Tatra truck with central tube and swinging axles. Enjoy the standalone model (40KB), presentation hall (39KB) and also a screensaver scene (39KB). She was not a small truck - compare her with Tatra 111 and Tatra 147 in a special truck scene. She has also many animation capabilities - doors can be opened (!), direction pointers move, driver's window opens, and the sides of the platform can be lowered. However, I'm unsure how was the front engine hood opened. If you know, please tell me and I'll update it.
model t24.wrl (40KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver24.wrl
presentation hall
Tatra 111 (1950)
20th june 2003 - "Her majesty" Tatra 111 (1950) is here. The best known Tatra truck ever with massive aircooled V12 engine (now modeled under the hood with chromed ventilators), comes as classical plattform model and is available as static model (140KB with textures), screen saver scene and presentation hall scene.
Animations: she can drop the sides of the platform (click on them) and in near future, she will be able to open her hood, doors and windows.
model t111.wrl (140KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver111.wrl
presentation hall
Tatra 147 (1950 ?)
21st may 2003 - I'd like to present a beta version of an impressive truck - Tatra 147 DC5 (1950 ?). Her sister - Tatra 111 will be available soon. As usualy, Tatra 147 is available as a standalone model (130KB total with textures), in a presentation room and as a screen saver. If you have any additional information about this beautie, please send it to me. I have never seen her with my own eyes.
model t147.wrl (130KB)
screensaver scene scrsaver147.wrl
presentation hall